for if I stop my typewriter

„Eh? What’s that, Gladys?”

„I was speerin’ if you and Maggie are to hae a bairn?”

Janet gasped and cried: „Oh, Gladys!” and Jean cried: „Look at Maggie blushin’!”

„Certainly!” I said with a laugh, „a dozen of them, won’t we, Margaret?”

„Bairns is just a scunner,” said Sarah. „Ye’ll hae to stop yer typewriter or ye’ll waken them.”

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„That’s awkward, Sarah,” I said, ” I’ll starve them.”

„The Mester’ll hae a big hoose,” said Jean, „and he’ll type his letters in the parlour and Maggie’ll rock the cradle in the kitchen, winna ye, Maggie?”

„Perhaps,” I suggested, „Jim Jackson will be able to invent a patent that will enable me to rock the cradle as I strike the keys.”

„Aye,” said Janet with scorn, „and kill the bairn! Aw wudna trust Jim Jackson wi’ ony bairn o’ mine … him and his inventions!”